Advanced and Intermediate Surf Coaching

To stay excited about surfing it’s always good to be learning new skills and setting new challenges. Whatever standard you are our Surf Coaches can encourage you to greater heights.

Private Lessons:

Contact us to get two hours private surf coaching. 1-on-1 or bring friends.

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Advanced Surf Course:

Adult improvers can learn a great tip from how kids learn to surf and improve so quickly – They do it by surfing together and learn to compete against each other – It’s no different for adults, bringing people together to be coached is key! In our two day course we use the GO-PRO camera which helps amazingly to show your strengths and mistakes.

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You can do hard-board (BIC Surfboards) or softboard Advanced Beginner or Intermediates coaching with Lahinch Surf School. You don’t need to be a Pro or to have your own equipment! You just need to have some experience of the basics and an abiliity to ride a wave for 10 or 20 ft to the beach. We aim to encourage you to the next level in your surfing. The key is to build on a good foundation towards doing turns, learning how to use rips and catching waves before they break. There is a lot to learn.


Basic format is 3 Surf Sessions over two days.

The advanced surf course is a really fun weekend of intense surfing & coaching mixed with good fun and new friends. You can quickly make progress on your surfing in two days.

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We have a new range of BIC Hardboards of all sizes. Chose from BIC Hardboards or three fin foam boards for Advanced coaching sessions


L.S.S. has 2 highly qualified Level II & Level III Surf Instructors. THE A-TEAM!

Pat Rice is our head instructor and loves detailed coaching. John McCarthy is a Level III Surf Coach. Both are highly experienced surfers and surf coaches.

SURF SESSIONS: (flexible dates)

You can do a one-on-one or two-on-one with one of our Head Instructor Pat or join a Level II group session (max 3 to 6 students per instructor).

Suggested Dates: Contact us for available dates. If you have your own group of 3 or more people, we can put on a course when It suits you.

The Cost:

Improver Surf Coaching:

Improver Group Session €35 per person
One-on-One or Two-on-One Surf Coaching €120