Lesson Prices

 Adults €40   Kids €30

5 Day Kids/Teen Camp €100



Join us for a friendly, safe and fun time at Lahinch Surf School!


No. of Days

Kids & Teen

Groms (6-8yrs)

Student (valid ID)


2 Adults & 2 Kids

1 Day€30€35€35€40€120
2 Days€55€65€65€70€220
3 Days€75€85€90€100€300
4 Days€90€100€115€130€380
5 Days€100€110€140€160€460

Contact us for group discounts, gift vouchers and more! Group discounts available for groups of 5+!



Making Surfing Easy – We have Ireland’s biggest range of surf school surfboards. From 12 foot monster boards, these boards make surfing easy for bigger people, to 6 foot short boards, no matter what your size or experience our aim is to make surfing easy for you. That’s when it gets fun!

Surfing Together – We organize our lessons in different ways. We have Family, Adult, Teens, Kids (9-12yrs) and Grom (6-8yrs) groups. One of the keys to getting good at surfing is having fun with people of your age or experience. The easier it is the more fun you have. Our head instructors have been with us since 2002! What we don’t know about surfing, isn’t on the radar.