Here’s your chance to get a personalized, one-on-one lesson with a highly trained and qualified Lahinch Surf School instructor!

Always wanted to improve your skills? Looking to get some one-on-one advice about your ability? This is a great opportunity to advance in your ability as a surfer. You have an expert at hand to offer advice,  answer questions and ultimately help you improve in a friendly, safe and fun environment!

You can surf one-on-one with your own instructor or have an instructor assigned to your own private group, this is a very effective way to learn exactly what you need to know in a short period of time (away from the masses!)

Our Instructors are experts Level I, II and III Instructors and know how to make the most out of your surfing ability!

The lessons are 2 Hours long with 80 to 90 minutes spent in the water. We provide the equipment but if you have your own equipment you are welcome to use it for private lessons.


Private lessons are subject to availability, when booked in advance they are available February to November



Persons             Price  
1 Person             €120                        
2 Persons          €70pp                      
3 Persons          €60pp                     
4 Persons          €50pp                      
5 Persons          €45pp.                     
6 Persons          €45pp.                     
7 Persons          €40pp.                    
8 Persons          €40pp.