Fun, friendly and addictive for the kids and teens!

Welcome to Lahinch Surf School where our Summer Surf Camps come highly recommended. We take seriously the art of making surfing friendly, safe and fun.

In 2002 Pro Surfer, John McCarthy introduced the now infamous “5 Day Surf-Camp”, the first of it’s kind in the west of Ireland. Years later we are still perfecting and adapting the camp to make it safer, more exciting and more fun. It’s a great way for kids and teens to meet new people and learn together.

The camp is a two-hour surf class each day.


KIDS SURF CAMP is for Age 9 to 12.

TEEN SURF CAMP Ages 13 to 17.

GROM SURF CAMP for Ages 6 to 8.

“Grom” Surf Camp costs €110 euro (smaller groups size).


Teens & Kids 5 day surf camp (2 hours each day) costs €100.

5 days €100
4 days €90
3 days €75
2 days €55
1 day €30

Individual or one-off lessons also available.

If you have 3 or more kids doing the same full week there is a discounted rate of €95 per child or €105 per grom.

• Kids camp ages 9-12yrs, Teens 13+ yrs, Groms 6-8yr
• Beginner Classes held in waist deep water.
• However, all children should be able to swim.
• Please bring a towel and swim suit and warm clothes.
• Maximum of 8 children per I.S.A. & Beach Lifeguard Qualified Instructor.       Grom classes have a max 4 students per instructor.
• Location: Lahinch
What to bring

• Kids need to bring their swimming togs, towel and a smile!

• We provide the equipment, boots, wetsuits and surfboards.

When are the kids camps cranking?

The fun begins once the schools close!
Easter, Summer and October midterm.

Contact us for Camp times which are calculated months in advance.

We will have camps running throughout the summer until September. Easter camps run during the two weeks of the Easter School Hols.


Hard Board & Advanced surf Camps for advanced surf coaching.

Who’s it for: Dudes and Dudettes who have surfed more than 10 times in the surf school. No, it’s not for super talented surfers on the Irish Surf Team, but for guys and girls who have done heaps of surf lessons and want to learn new stuff and improve to the next level.

What you’ll learn: The focus of the course is to re-establish good basic technique, get tips on how to develop as a surfer, teach surfers about the different surfing manoeuvres ( like a good ‘bottom turn’ and ‘cut-back’ )and also to meet up with surfers of a similar surfing level.


No need to bring your own boards for the first two days, we’ll make a decision after that if your own equipment is needed.

Qualifications and Safety

• All our instructors are Irish Surfing Association Approved Coaches, Irish Water Safety Approved Beach lifeguards and wicked surfers. More importantly they are patient and caring teachers of the art of surfing.

• Under ISA regulations there is a maximum of 8 children for each of our qualified instructors.

• All lessons are held in waist-deep water so your children do not have to be strong swimmers. Kids should be confident in the water.

• Kids are supervised both in and out of the water

• ISA Approved: In 2005 we became the first surf school in County Clare to become Irish Surfing Association Approved.

What if the conditions do not suit & Cancellations
Unfortunately some days the waves are too wild for our young ones – high winds bring stormy seas.

We withhold the right to cancel surf lessons when we feel conditions are not suitable. If days are cancelled we provide a refund.

A day that is cancelled by Lahinch Surf School or by the parents CAN NOT BE USED ON A DIFFERENT week. One days notice must be given for cancellations. Refunds are made on the following basis: 5 days cancelled €100 refunded, 4 days cancelled €70 refund, 3 days cancelled €45 refund, 2 days cancelled €25 refund, 1 day cancelled €10 refund.