Whatever standard you are our Surf Coaches can encourage you to greater heights, it’s always good to be setting new challenges and learning new skills. We can help!

Private Lessons:

Contact us to get two hours private surf coaching. 1-on-1 or bring friends.

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You don’t need to be a Pro or to have your own equipment! You just need to have some experience of the basics and an abiliity to ride a wave for 10 or 20 ft to the beach. We aim to encourage you to the next level in your surfing. The key is to build on a good foundation towards doing turns, learning how to use rips and catching waves before they break. There is a lot to learn.


Basic format is 2 hour Surf Sessions, approx 100 minutes in the sea.

If there is a group of friends you can do a Surf Course/Weekend of intense surfing & coaching mixed with good fun and new friends. You can quickly make progress on your surfing in two days.


We have a new range of BIC Hardboards of all sizes. Chose from BIC Hardboards or three fin foam boards for Advanced coaching sessions


L.S.S. has 3 highly qualified Level II & Level III Surf Instructors. THE A-TEAM!

Pat Rice is our head instructor and loves detailed coaching. Pat is a very high level surfer.  John McCarthy is a Level III Surf Coach. SURF SESSIONS: (flexible dates)

You can do a one-on-one or two-on-one with one of our Head Instructor or come as a group (max  5 students per instructor).

Suggested Dates: Contact us for available dates. If you have your own group of 3 or more people, we can put on a course when It suits you.

The Cost:

Improver Surf Coaching:

Improver Group Session €45 per person (min of 3 persons).
One-on-One costs €130 for two hours.