Why wait till the weekend? Beat the mid-week blahs by getting in the water for some surfing fun with Lahinch Surf School!


Lahinch is usually busy at weekends, so surfing midweek is quieter, more personal and definitely laid back!



 June, July & August:

You can join a group surf lesson for adult, family or kids lessons or do your own off-peak time private lesson. Just contact us for dates and times that work.



Off-season months:

In Off-season months, if you are coming alone, you can provisionally book the date that works for you and wait to see if anyone else books (joining a group lesson is less than the private lessons, plus its nice to make new friends!).


If nobody else wishes to surf that day, then it becomes an Off-peak private lesson. (It’s great if you really want to focus on certain skills, or need some specific coaching)


Usually September till November and March till May we’ll have a few days a week where people are surfing mid-week and you can join up to get the group rate.


Open Febuary to November. Prices are based on a minimum of 3 persons to a class or if you join a group. Private lessons also available.



Adult €35
Students €32
Kids €30


Group rates available, contact us for more details.